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The ultimate guide for large family vacations and group travel in Anguilla

Visit Anguilla, the most authentic, charming and untouched island in the Caribbean. We are a proud ambassador of this hidden gem and its island nation, where some of the best beaches and diving spots in the Caribbean await.

ÀNI Anguilla, the luxury home for explorers and island-hoppers

Discover Anguilla, one of the best destinations in the Caribbean. This coveted, authentic and charming island has managed to retain its unique character and vibrant spirit. Its beautiful beaches, scenic landscapes and welcoming locals attract discerning explorers of every taste.
Find the best activities for the whole family with ÀNI’s mini guide to the island, organized thematically to appeal to ocean lovers, adventure seekers, fans of watersports and diving, cultural doyennes and eco-conscious guests. After every adventure, retreat back to ÀNI Anguilla, your exclusive-use resort offering privileged access to one of the island’s best beaches.

Like St. Barts, Anguilla is easily accessible from the nearby island of St. Martin by boat or plane. Its large, well-organized international airport (code AXA) is also perfect for private jets. Our team can organize private luxury yachts and helicopters for speedy, direct access to the resort.
Discover ÀNI Anguilla
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The best beaches in Anguilla

Introducing the most beautiful white-sand beaches in the world, with the requisite aquamarine waters, uninterrupted views and dazzling blue skies. Whether you’re craving relaxation, watersports or scenic sunsets, you’ll find them all here. The only hard part? Deciding which paradise stretch of sand to opt for. To help with this onerous decision, we’ve selected some of our favorite beaches and highlighted their USPs (unique sandy points). Combine beach time with delicious grilled meat and seafood, local dishes and refreshing drinks at your ÀNI Beach BBQ, just one of our many Luxury Inclusions.

The best watersports and ocean activities in Anguilla

Spend whole days upon the water, enjoying sailing, snorkeling, kayaking and kite surfing. Segue between sun-soaking and aquatic activities, explore the crystalline turquoise waters, feel the wind in your hair and get an adrenaline rush. Our rewarding Summer Inclusions feature adventures at every pace.

The best diving in Anguilla

Discover the most beautiful diving spots in the Caribbean. Understandably, the locals have been hard at work protecting the island’s rich diving heritage, creating marine reserves to preserve Anguilla’s azure tropical waters. Discover the perfect destination for a week of snorkeling and diving, maximising the impressive clarity and visibility of the Caribbean Sea. Awe-inspiring coral reefs, mysterious shipwrecks and challenging wall dives entice divers of all abilities. Guests staying at ÀNI Anguilla in June and July can gain complimentary PADI Certification with our special seasonal promotion.

The best land and cultural experiences in Anguilla

Absorb the unique spirit of Anguilla, immersing yourself in the island’s history and culture. From the ebullient joy of Carnival to low-key games of dominoes with the locals, discover authentic cultural and land experiences in Caribbean luxury holiday spots. Unlike many other Caribbean islands, Anguilla has maintained a stronger and more authentic Caribbean heritage. Its culinary scene is also deservedly world-famous.

The best sustainable adventures in Anguilla…

Discover why ÀNI and Anguilla are champions of sustainable tourism in the Caribbean. Anguillians have a long, proud tradition of protecting the environment and the island’s endangered species. Anguilla National Trust is a key player in conservation efforts, with programs such as Turtle Patrols, the Seed to Tree Project, bird and wetland monitoring, and the Lesser Antillean Iguana Recovery Programme. We are proud to partner with the trust on some inspiring experiences.

A villa resort for large group, all-inclusive rentals

ÀNI is the perfect setting for large, multigen family vacations for summer or festive stays. Our exclusive-use resorts cater to big gatherings of friends and families commemorating special celebrations and events such as birthdays, anniversaries and vow renewals. Equally, we are perfectly suited to adults-only getaways with friends. The luxury group travel experts, we have a staff to guest ratio of 1:1. Holidays with ÀNI are all-inclusive, with every detail personalized and luxurious.
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We have gathered below a few answers to the main questions we receive. However, should you prefer to ask our team of Destination Specialists, they will be delighted get back to you directly and at your convenience.

Which services and experiences are included in ANI Anguilla’s signature all-inclusive private villa rentals?

We’re so proud of our Luxury Inclusions, we recently created special pages for them, detailing exactly what’s in store in Thailand, Sri Lanka, the Dominican Republic and Anguilla. Some treats vary according to each destination, but many perks are present across the board. Delicious dining courtesy of private chefs, for example. Drinks, daily afternoon tea, and snacks. Water sports and local cultural adventures. Round-trip airport transfers and VIP arrival service. An unpacking and packing service available for each guest. A daily laundry service to keep holiday attire sparkling and fresh. High-speed WiFi and international calling, plus all the tech gadgets – Netflix, Apple TV, and Apple Music – included in every room. Access to fitness facilities and pro tennis coaching for all ages. The list goes on…

Discover our new Summer Vacation promotion and its complimentary Summer Inclusions, from kitesurfing lessons and scuba diving PADI certification to guided stargazing under starlit skies. We also offer an array of additional activities, available at an extra cost, designed to help you discover the true soul of our destination.

As seasoned events specialists, we cater beautifully to every occasion, from wedding ceremonies and elopements, to corporate retreats, Kosher and Passover, and many other celebrations and events.

How to organize the most fun and memorable multigenerational family vacation to the Caribbean?

Have a look at our recent blog post to discover how to organize a stress-free multigenerational getaway. A key highlight is to make sure everybody finds something fun and suitable for their tastes, and to find the right balance of family and individual time. We offer a wealth of experiences suitable for all ages and all levels, either as a group or to enjoy individually for a bit of me-time.

Our Summer Vacation program features lots of Summer Inclusions to delight all ages. You can also be inspired by our June and July adventures for all tastes, featuring Anguilla’s beautiful beaches and best diving spots. When it comes to planning to perfection, our expert Reservations team can assist in customizing your bespoke itinerary for each member of your group, advising on experiences, gathering all food preferences and dietary requirements, and organizing transport to and from the island, including private plane, helicopter or yacht charter.

Is Anguilla a safe touristic destination for families to visit?

Anguilla is an extremely safe destination with low crime rates, making it ideal for relaxed family vacations. The US government advises taking the normal precautions when holidaying here. When planning or participating in watersports and coastal activities, always pay attention to weather conditions. Our team will always recommend or consult with local experts when relevant: when strong currents affect activities, for example.