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Recipe for success:
a gourmet itinerary for Anguilla Culinary Experience

The ACE Festival

We can almost hear the sound of Johnny cakes sizzling in the pan and smell the spicy aroma of jerk chicken being barbecued to juicy perfection from here… Good news, gourmands: the third annual Anguilla Culinary Experience (ACE) will take over our island for a four-day fiesta from 23–26 May 2024.

This international epicurean festival brings together top chefs from Anguilla and all around the world, revealing why Anguilla reigns supreme as the Culinary Capital of the Caribbean. Events and pop-ups will celebrate Anguilla’s vibrant heritage, showcasing farm- and sea-to-table ingredients and raising funds to support education for the island’s next generation of chefs. Where better to be based during the festival than our all-inclusive, exclusive-use resort? Gather your favorite foodie friends and prepare to dig in.

In honor of ACE, we have put together a very special, one-off itinerary for guests at ÀNI Anguilla during the festival week. In addition to our signature ÀNI magic touch and luxury inclusions, guests can look forward to special dinners, cookery classes and workshops with our superstar private chefs, mixology sessions, rum tastings and festival access. Let us whet your appetite…
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ANI Anguilla - Guest Experiences - Cooking Class - Ingredients


Day 1, Wednesday 22 May
Arrive in paradise and get settled in. Enjoy a special Welcome Dinner, rustled up with love by our Head Chef, Karan. Discover classic island flavors and ingredients, including local produce, succulent seafood and meat, traditional spices and refreshing, tropical desserts. 

Day 2, Thursday 23 May
Embark on a Salt Pond Harvest Experience with Chef Karan Kumar. Guests will be given a hands-on salt-picking lesson by locals, who will also share the history of the island and its salt production. Karan will host a Ceviche Cooking Class in which guests have the opportunity to create a traditional Conch Ceviche – a truly delicious dish. In addition, our award-winning Head Barman and Head of F&B, Jamal, will host a Mixology Session showcasing his unique cocktails. Discover what we believe to be the best cocktails in Anguilla! At night, gather together for a Specialty Dinner, created by our Regional Chef, Parash Chhetri.
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Sea Salt Making Experience
ANI Anguilla - Cocktails - Coconut Cocktail

Day 3, Friday 24 May
Learn how to rustle up Anguilla’s famous Johnny cakes (thin, fried cakes, whose history dates back to the early Native Americans) during a Cooking Class with Chef Karan. Enjoy a Premium Wine Tasting with Bartender Jamal: a proud member of the Anguilla National Culinary Team, which competes at international food and beverage events. In the evening, we will treat you to a Specialty Dinner, tailored to your tastes.

Day 4, Saturday 25 May
Enjoy the island beach life – and some of our favorite local dishes – at our VIP Beach BBQ, which we will set up on the stunning Rendezvous Bay. You will also be given tickets to the festival’s Beach BBQ + Basket Rattle event at Great House. Featured grillers include our own Chef Karan, alongside representatives from Paper’s BBQ, Roy’s Bayside Grill and Anguilla Great House. Later on, learn all about the world of rum during a Rum Tasting event with Bartender Jamal. As part of your stay, we will arrange opening-night tickets to the festival at Aurora Resort on Rendezvous Bay.
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Day 5, Sunday 26 May
It’s time to take to the water: set off on an adventurous Fishing Trip* organized by our team, followed by a cookery class starring your fresh catch of the day. We can also arrange a Moke Tour* around the island to visit Vinty’s Veggies farm, Island Harbour fishing village and more. By night, savor a six-course Farewell dinner by Chef Karan, with perfect wine pairings.

* An additional cost applies to these optional activities.

Day 6, Monday 27 May
Enjoy one last delicious ÀNI breakfast before preparing for your (reluctant) departure.
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The ÀNI Guide for Foodies in Anguilla

Hungry for a little something extra? Find out what to eat while you’re here, learn a little more about our resort’s flawless dining settings and meet our wonderful chef.

Anguilla essentials: what to eat and drink

Feast on edible delights from the sea, from classic grilled lobster and crayfish through to snapper, parrot fish and fried jack, or salt-fish cakes served with conkie dumplings. Expect unrivaled barbecues featuring chicken, ribs and pork served with buttery garlic bread, fried Johnny cakes or curries. Sip an array of soups, including whelk, goat ‘water’ (clear broth), red bean, pig tail and corn soup. For sweet treats, try jam balls, guava cheese, tamarind balls and coquiña, a peppermint-flavored sugar candy. Quench your thirst with bush tea at breakfast and rum cocktails with lunch and dinner.  
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ANI Anguilla - Guest Privileges - Beach BBQ - Lunch - Lobster
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Designed to delight

From picnics in secluded garden glades to cliff-top brunches, beach BBQs, and starlit, oceanside banquets, every meal served by ÀNI’s experienced private chefs is a uniquely memorable event. Beautiful settings become the backdrops for dishes created from the finest ingredients, in line with your personal tastes and requirements – from vegan to halal and kosher – with every mouthful designed to be an unforgettable, full sensory experience.
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Celebrating Chef Karan

Born in India, Karan Kumar was inspired by his chef father, whose food garnered international renown. Moving to Anguilla after school to help support his family back home, Karan initially worked as a DJ, before deciding to follow in his father’s footsteps. In the last 20 years, he has mastered the culinary arts, joining ÀNI Anguilla in 2018.

Chef Karan, what dish at ÀNI Anguilla are you most proud of? My conch ceviche captures the essence of a sun-kissed day on the island, enriched with tropical flavors. Its lightness renders it invigorating. I am grateful for the opportunity to share my expertise with guests during our cooking class, in which I reveal my conch ceviche recipe.”
ANI Anguilla - Staff - Chef Kumar