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Luxury Passover Holidays at ÀNI

Discover the all-inclusive luxury Passover experience at ÀNI Private Resorts for unforgettable memories with family and friends. Our Passover program was designed in collaboration with a team of Mashgiachs who supervise kosher stays at all of our resorts. We fully customize our meal program to meet your own families requirements. Spend time with loved ones, reminiscing special moments around the table, sharing new experiences, celebrating and unwinding within the charms of the Caribbean, Thailand and Sri Lanka.

Passover 2025
Pesach 5785 STAYS

Our fully customised all-inclusive Passover Package comprises of:
Personalizing menus and service for all meals, including Seders and Shabbat
Kosher food and wines
Certified Mashgiach supervision
Full closure of the resort for 24 hours prior to guests’ arrival for advance koshering of all kitchens and facilities.
Rates and details available on request, please contact our Reservations Team.
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All-Inclusive Kosher Resort & Dining Experience

Renowned for the excellence of our kosher offering for over a decade, ÀNI’s resorts and kitchens are perfectly designed to meet the expectations of our guests.

We work with certified Mashgiachs to oversee every aspect of our meal program, from recipes and food sourcing, to preparation. They consult with you to gain a full understanding of your kashrus requirements, tastes, and food preferences – such as Cholov Yisroel for dairy, Beit Yosef for meats and Mevushal for wines.

Our dedicated set of kosher equipment are unsealed/sealed by a mashgiach present throughout your stay. We work with Chabad in each ÀNI destination to source kosher meats, dairy, and packaged goods locally when possible, and import all items not otherwise available and most often for more premium cuts of meat.
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It’s All Yours

When staying at ÀNI, you will enjoy exclusive-use of the resort with just your family and friends throughout your stay. We accommodate from six (minimum of six room booking) up to 30 guests for a minimum of 5 night stays. In every ÀNI destination, a full complement of staff (between 20 and 30 per resort) tailors every detail – from dining and spa treatments to kids’ activities and exploration of the region – to ensure a bespoke experience that defies expectations. Fees for Kosher and Passover packages are available on request.

Browse our signature luxury inclusions at ÀNI’s kosher all-inclusive resorts in:
Dominican Republic
Sri Lanka
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Choose Your Passover Destination

From a cliff-top eyrie atop of Anguilla’s Little Bay, and the Dominican Republic’s verdant and unspoiled northern coast, to Sri Lanka’s fabled southern coast and the nature-infused Koh Yao Noi island overlooking the Phang Nga Bay, each of ÀNI’s destinations is spellbinding. Contact our Reservations team to start customizing your Passover holiday.
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