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June & JULY adventures
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The beauty of a group holiday with ÀNI – along with our beach-paradise settings and wonderful team – is the freedom to do different things, reuniting for relaxation, local adventures, celebrations and delicious dining. Our luxurious exclusive-use resorts are designed for multigenerational or adult-only getaways, with more than enough space and facilities for everyone to do as much – or as little – as they please.

Perhaps one or two people in your group want to focus on their wellness. We have the ideal Sri Lankan retreat in store. Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn kitesurfing in the Dominican Republic, or practice Muay Thai in Thailand. You could be a PADI-certified scuba diver, keen to embark on underwater adventures in Anguilla.

Discover an array of special experiences designed for June & July stays. Rest assured, in between rewarding adventures, there will be plenty of ÀNI downtime and all the usual inclusions at your private resort.

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Throughout June and July, guests staying at ÀNI Dominican Republic can go kitesurfing with champion kitesurfer Carlos David Arnaun Rodriguez. Hailing from nearby Cabarete – the birthplace of kitesurfing – Carlos became hooked on the sport from a young age. As a teenager, his mornings unfolded on the ocean, learning the ropes and mastering techniques.

Now a member of the national kitesurfing team, Carlos has represented the Dominican Republic both at home and internationally. His dream: to compete in the Olympics. Carlos says, “Flying above the waves on the immense ocean brings peace of mind and the realization that happiness lies in pursuing one’s passions.”

Book a stay in June and you can opt to either learn improve your kitesurfing skills.  You’ll spend days two, three and four of your ÀNI stay on the water with Carlos, learning the basics of kitesurfing at the nearby KiteClub Kite School in Cabarete. Each session will focus on a different skill, from kite-flying and body-dragging to water starts and riding. Afterwards, enjoy a chilled drink and a snack at the Beach Bar, the school’s social hub, where you can mingle with off-duty instructors and other students. Alternatively, head straight back ‘home’ for a delicious lunch and refreshments at ÀNI Dominican Republic.

Useful info: In order to ensure Carlos’s availability, bookings should be made a minimum two months in advance. All equipment is provided. No minimum number applies, but the itinerary will be tweaked if just one guest participates.
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ANI Dominican Republic - Kitesurfer
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Guests visiting ÀNI Sri Lanka in June & July can prioritize wellbeing with our new Wellness Retreat, guided by renowned Ayurvedic physician Dr. Sarath Guanawardhana. The treatment programs are designed for inner healing, reconnecting and rejuvenating mind, body and soul.  This family-run business (including Dr. Sarath and his two sons) draws upon the incredible healing properties of Ayurveda and Hela Wedakama (Sri Lankan indigenous medicine), which was widely adopted by the ancient kings.

Designed for stays of five nights or more, our Wellness Retreat has a different daily focus. On arrival day, you’ll be met at the airport’s VIP lounge by your butler and whisked to the resort in luxury vehicles with snacks and refreshments. There will be a welcome ceremony with oil lamps, conch-shell blowing and well wishes, followed by a healthy lunch. To combat jet lag, relax by the pool, go for a beach stroll and enjoy Ayurvedic consultations with Dr. Sarath, including personalized Ayurvedic treatments to suit your dosha (constitution). After a low-carb al fresco dinner, enjoy a special bath, with jet lag-reducing ingredients such as kaolin clay and coconut. Sip a cup of herbal calumba-root tea before bed.

On day two, the priority is relaxation, with highlights including a sunrise beach walk and yoga, breakfast hoppers, palm reading by a local expert and a full-body Abhyanga massage using warm herb oils. In the afternoon, unwind with a jasmine aromatherapy meditation session with a female Buddhist monk, then head out onto Mawella lagoon by boat for some contemplative birdwatching. A healthy dinner will be followed by a candlelight meditation, setting you up for a perfect night’s sleep.

Detox and purify on day three, starting with kundalini yoga, before relaxing with a Swedana steam bath and enjoying an Ayurvedic lunch at a colonial house. Unwind further with Bahya Snehana (a therapeutic oil massage), enjoy a herbal tea-tasting served with afternoon nibbles, and end the day with yoga nidra, aka yogic sleep.

Day four is all about harmonizing doshas, from pranayama breathing sessions to Ayurvedic therapies such as Shirodhara, in which medicated oil is slowly dripped onto the patient’s forehead. Other inspiring activities include a Lifestyle Dharma talk with a Buddhist monk, a meditative mask-painting session and a Mettā (loving kindness) meditation. Play shuffleboard games and end the evening with a dosha-balancing dinner.

Day five puts the focus on mind-body harmony. Begin the day with beachfront hatha yoga and an Ayurvedic breakfast, then rustle up healthy cuisine during an Ayurvedic cookery class. Relax with an Abhyanga massage, join a group discussion of the Ayruvedic lifestyle, and take some time for journaling and reflection before personalized wellness treatments. Gather for a cinnamon-wood bonfire at sunset, followed by a Sattvic dinner and Thovil Healing ceremony. On your departure day, we will take you to a local Buddhist Temple for a traditional energy-clearance ritual before you head home.

Useful info: A minimum five-night stay applies for stays in June & July. This retreat can be arranged for one or more guests of the group.
Ayurvedic physician Dr. Sarath Guanawardhana
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ANI Sri Lanka - Ayurvedic Lunch
ANI Sri Lanka - Ayurvedic Lunch
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ANI Sri Lanka - Guest Privileges - Shuffleboard


This June and July, embark on scuba diving adventures with ÀNI Anguilla. Divers who already have their PADI certification can join us for a special diving experience, designed for guests staying for five nights or more. We have teamed up with local dive stars Scuba Shack, offering guided expeditions with the brand’s founder, Matthew Billington, who fell in love with Anguilla in 1991 and has been here ever since.

For five days or more, go out on the water with Matt. You’ll have half-day use of a private boat, with space for up to 12 people, including six divers; all equipment will be provided. Each session can include two dives: a morning dive at 9am and an afternoon dive at 1.30pm. Afterwards, come back to ÀNI Anguilla for a delicious lunch and plenty of time to relax.

Anguilla’s cerulean waters reveal 45 dazzling reef dives, with sites ranging from 40–110 ft in depth; there are also five wall dives and seven purpose-sunk shipwrecks to explore. Look out for shrimp-cleaner stations and different marine life interacting, including hunting trumpet fish or friendly turtles following your group. Matt says: “When you show a diver how to slow down and really look around them, it’s like watching a whole new and subtle world being opened up to them and all of a sudden they are showing you new things.”

Useful info: Participants must send proof of their PADI certification to our resort team in advance. No charge applies to non-diving/snorkeling participants. PADI certification is available at an extra cost.
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ANI Anguilla - Scuba Shack Diving - Matthew Billington
ANI Anguilla - Scuba Shack Diving
Speed Boat - Turquoise Waters


Have you always wanted to learn the art of eight limbs, aka Muay Thai? If the answer is yes, book a June or July trip to ÀNI Thailand and benefit from private lessons with Thailand’s lead trainer for weight training and Thai Boxing exercises, Champion Kasem Kranam from Khun Suek (meaning War Lord) Muay Thai.

Muay Thai has a rich and storied history: dating back to the 16th century, it was a peace-time martial art practiced by the soldiers of King Naresuan. It may have ancient origins, but it’s increasingly popular today, aligning with a recent rise in sports tourism. A dynamic, challenging but fun workout, it’s sure to get your heart rate up and your muscles working. It benefits better flexibility, greater self-confidence and supports brain health and memory with the new skills learnt. For ladies it also adds to your self-defence arsenal, It is also suitable for all age groups from kids to adults.

Kasem Kranam, fondly known at Kru (teacher) Fronk has a Bachelor’s Degree in Education, majoring on Thai Boxing Studies and Physical Education. He participated in the 7th National Academic Skills and Thai Boxing Art Preservation Competition, winning 1st runner-up for Thai Boxing dance and skills, awarded by HRH Princess Somsawali. He was also awarded the 112 lb weight class International Boxing Champion of the International Muay Thai Association.
Passionate about his sport Kru Fronk says “Life is like a fight. Defeat is declared not when you fall, but when you refuse to stand up again”.

Guests staying for five nights or more can enjoy daily training sessions with Kru Fronk. You’ll train outside each morning for up to two-hours, in the cooler part of the day, with a fun warm up session including stretching and enjoyable games to increase fitness amongst your group. You will be taught key Muay Thai moves, that will enable you to confidently enjoy your training, followed by a delicious, healthy breakfast as per your choice. We will also include tickets to see a professional Muay Thai match at Ao Nang Landmark Boxing Stadium in Krabi. Here you can soak up the atmosphere and mingle with the locals, alongside your expert instructor and guide.

Useful info: A minimum five-night stay applies. This experience can be arranged for one or more of the group.
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To book any of these experiences, speak to our team or drop them a line at [email protected].
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