Private Jet to Private Resort


ÀNI Private Resorts is proud to have joined with Private Jet Services (PJS) to offer the ultimate home-to-destination private vacation experience. In this climate of social distancing, the most discerning of luxury travelers are seeking more exclusive experiences and escapes – away from the crowds of public resorts.

ÀNI and PJS, both known for their attention to detail and superb customer service, offer together a uniquely pampered vacation from start to finish. Guests can not only travel privately on PJS with their own family and friends, but also enjoy their time away with the staff, service, and facilities of a resort all to themselves with ÀNI.  

Benefits for our Members/Guests

  • All ÀNI guests receive a $5,000 flight credit on their first trip with PJS
  • PJS members receive preferred last-minute rates at ÀNI for stays confirmed less than two weeks in advance
  • All PJS members receive a case of Veuve Clicquot “Yellow Label” on arrival
  • ÀNI and PJS to jointly run special event and retreats throughout the year


Make the most out of your stay at ÀNI by taking a private jet directly to the resort. By flying private, you’ll dodge the busy airport terminals, long security lines, and baggage check-in, getting to your dream destination in style and absolute comfort. As your group exits the jet, all luggage will be waiting for you – eliminating the often stressful and time-consuming aspects of flying commercial.

Enjoy the peace of mind and solace that is afforded with a private jet connection to any of ÀNI’s four exclusive oceanfront properties. Private aviation elevates your entire travel experience. From booking to boarding, to time at altitude, the entire process is streamlined to deliver convenience, comfort, and personalized service.

In-flight amenities such as 4G connectivity, champagne, and gourmet catering tick all the right boxes, ensuring a relaxing start to your private getaway.


When it comes to hosting destination weddings, multi-generational family gatherings, and other milestone events, ÀNI Private Resorts roll out the red carpet. Traveling with children, individuals with special needs, or excess baggage is never an issue at our fly-in private resorts.

Your vacation begins the moment you board your chartered aircraft, which promises total privacy from takeoff to touchdown. Your journey is not only elevated, it’s expedited – luxury private jets are the fastest way to travel. Guests are able to spend more quality time enjoying the lavish amenities and 5-star service of our boutique properties in Anguilla, Dominican Republic, Sri Lanka, and Thailand.

About PJS

PJS ensures that every facet of air travel is executed with the highest level of care, service, and safety. PJS Membership offers the most flexibility and value in the industry – with the option to choose actual versus estimated flight time, transparent pricing, fixed hourly rates, no membership fees, no management fees, and guaranteed access to aircraft with 10-hour advanced notice.

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