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The Best of Travel: Anguilla is the Epitome of Tropical Fun Times

Source: City AM

Steve Hogarty – January 19, 2021

To tide us over until we’re able to travel again, we’re republishing classic travel stories from our archives. This week we revisit Steve Hogarty’s trip to an island paradise in Anguilla.

Steve stayed with ÀNI prior to the pandemic, but his stay and experience on island still holds true. Here’s a short exerpt from his article, visit the link at the bottom for the full article on City AM’s website.

“During my trip I stayed at ÀNI Villas and Zemi Beach House Resort and Spa. Importantly, both made fantastic pizza, but they are angling for different markets. The former is an extravagant, two villa, cliff-top estate, which would be ideal for group vacations. The villas, one with four bedrooms, and the other six, can be booked separately or together. There are pools, a garden, incredible views, and a friendly, attentive, but unobtrusive staff who go to considerable lengths to accommodate visitors’ desires, everything from tennis or child-minding, through to fully refitting the kitchen to meet the requirements of a strict kosher diet; they work with their clients to provide a bespoke holiday service.”

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