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A world in one place: protecting Sri Lanka’s future

At ÀNI HQ, we were pleased to see that another emerging trend of 2024 involves the impacts of over-tourism and its consequences for travel itineraries. As custodians of four incredible natural beauty spots (and their diverse communities) in Sri Lanka, Thailand, Anguilla and the Dominican Republic, we consider it our responsibility to inspire better travel. We are a proud proponent of the travel industry’s growing movement to divert travelers away from overcrowded places, recommending lesser-known lures instead.

With some destinations really struggling with overtourism, it makes sense to visit somewhere that is actively seeking more visitors. After a few challenging years, Sri Lanka is one such place. Despite unveiling ambitious tourism targets, the island is yet to return to its peak visitor numbers of 2018. For discerning current visitors, this means that you can benefit from privileged access to the island’s highlights, free from crowds. However, to protect Sri Lanka’s future, it’s critical that we put the island first, prioritizing its incredible natural assets, culture and communities.

Anyone who has ever visited Sri Lanka knows that the island is a world in one place. Diverse natural beauty – from emerald tea-country to white-sand beaches, temple-topped mountain peaks, lush rainforests, vast safari land, and the ochre hues and pristine shores of the north.

Rich culture, tangible spirituality and vibrant art. Ancient traditions of wellness. Delicious food and drink. Incredible people, who welcome guests with warmth, humor and generosity. Bucket-list wildlife, encompassing all creatures great – leopards, elephants, whales etc – and small (dazzling birdlife, butterflies and other critters). The urban buzz of Colombo, with its Dutch colonial imprints and evolving style. The palpable sense of history in Galle, home to storied architecture, a sea-spying Fort and characterful shophouses. If ever there was a place to explore with a conscience, it’s this beautiful island, with its rare and precious charms, both natural and manmade.
ANI Sri Lanka - tea Plantation around the Central Resevoir Hatton
ANI Sri Lanka - Surrounding Area - Local Stupa
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ANI Sri Lanka - Galle Fort

At ÀNI Sri Lanka, our Luxury Inclusions are designed to give guests a taste of the Teardrop Island that benefits guests, the local community and the destination alike. Our curated experiences deliberately take you away from popular tourist attractions, favoring a hyperlocal approach. Embark on tuk-tuk tours around colorful local villages, lush paddy fields and ancient temples. On some occasions, we will even bring the island to you: arranging a traditional Sri Lankan cultural show one evening; soundtracking another night with live instrumental music by local musicians. Market tours and artisan workshops are easily arranged, including our inspiring Cinnamon Peeling workshop, highlighting what is considered to be the best cinnamon in the world. Our local expert shares skills that have been handed down (literally) across generations.
Art-lovers will relish the trip to the non-profit ÀNI Art Academies Sri Lanka, founded to uplift local communities. Guests can visit the academy and purchase their own piece of art from aspiring artists, with all funds from sales going directly to them. For unforgettable fresh-air adventures, discover the region on guided walks and cycling tours starring our complimentary bikes for adults and kids.
Our resident Wellness Manager, Manjula, is on hand to introduce you to the fascinating world of Ayurveda, offering personalized consultations and creating tailor-made plans and programs for those who wish to go deeper. Enjoy up to 15 spa treatments per day including Ayurveda, sports, reflexology, and head massages, with all-natural products featuring local ingredients.  Our signature Ayurvedic Experience features a special, dosha-aligning lunch served at a secret location, where generations of Ayurvedic doctors have lived.

In between local adventures, and to keep you entertained back at boutique basecamp, our archery lessons offer an introduction to this ancient art; we also arrange Movies by Moonlight: private movie screenings under starry skies, backdropped by the pounding Indian Ocean below.
ANI Sri Lanka - Guest Privileges - Tuk Tuk Tour - Paddy Fields
Big Budda Temple Sri Lanka
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ANI Sri Lanka - Guest Priveleges - Auyreveda Colonial House Lunch
ANI Sri Lanka - Wellness - Guest Privileges - Ayuverada Treatment
ANI Sri Lanka - Ayurvedic Lunch

Additional à la carte experiences


Dangling off a rocky crag, 16 km northwest of Tangalle and nestled away among a green forest of coconut trees, are the peaceful rock temples of Mulkirigala. Clamber up the 500 or so steps and you’ll encounter a series of seven cleft-like caves on five terraced levels. Housed in the caves are a number of large reclining Buddha statues, interspersed with smaller seated and standing figures with ancient frescos and wall paintings. The hike from the base to the temple takes about 40 minutes. Wild monkeys are plentiful in and around the temple forest, often greeting visitors.


Enjoy one of the most peaceful experiences in Sri Lanka. Set sail on the Mawella lagoon on a paddle boat while enjoying light snacks and your favorite drinks, served by the ÀNI team. As the sun starts to set, witness the coastal lagoon ecosystem surrounded by hundreds of migrating birds alongside turtles and monkeys, whilst a local musician serenades you with flute music.
With herds of elephants, wild buffalos, sambars and spotted deer, plus giant squirrels galore, this Sri Lankan national park is one of the nation’s finest. The park has a stark beauty, and the lack of dense vegetation makes game-watching easy. Our tour inside the park takes about three hours, with each jeep accommodating up to six guests. Exclusively for ÀNI guests, our team will arrange a very special picnic lunch in a hidden spot within the park.
Stairs in ancient Buddhist rock temple in Mulkirigala, Sri Lanka
ANI Sri Lanka - Mawella Lagoon - Flautist
ANI Sri Lanka - Guest Privileges - Elephant Safari
ANI Sri Lanka - Guest Privileges - Lunch Elephant Safari

Rising dramatically from the central plains, the enigmatic rocky outcrop of Sigiriya is perhaps Sri Lanka’s most dramatic sight. A set of near-vertical staircases climb past some remarkable frescoes to a flat-topped summit that contains the ruins of an ancient civilization. The spellbinding vistas over the surrounding landscape only add to Sigiriya’s extraordinary appeal. We will whisk you to the site by helicopter (an hour’s flight) so that you can start the 90-minute climb at 10.30am. Afterwards, the helicopter will bring you back to the resort in style.

Sinharaja Forest Reserve is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Trek through one of the finest natural rainforests in the world, guided by a forest specialist. Guests will depart from ÀNI at 8am to catch their private helicopter from Dickwella at 8.30am. After a 45-minute flight and a 50-minute off-road drive to the forest’s entrance, you’ll embark on a peaceful two-hour trek. Having walked up an appetite, enjoy a picnic lunch in a village house at the forest border.

A visit to Galle is a must when staying with us. Start the day at the Virgin White Tea factory and estate, 30 minutes away from the colonial town of Galle. On the way in, we suggest stopping to see the iconic stilt fisherman and visit the turtle hatchery – Sri Lanka is home to five of the seven turtle species found globally. We will suggest local restaurants for a late lunch. Spend the afternoon enjoying a guided tour, with souvenir shopping and rampart walks.


If you visit Sri Lanka soon, you’ll catch the tail end of whale season (November to April). The deep south coast is a hot spot for whale-watching, thanks to high concentrations of blue and sperm whales. Large baleen whales, toothed whales and dolphins can also be sighted off Dondra. After an essential early start, enjoy a picnic breakfast on board and a dazzling four-hour sailing trip. A Sri Lankan lunch can also be arranged on the boat, followed by snorkeling in private bays.
ANI Sri Lanka - Guest Privileges - Aerial drone view of Sigiriya Rock
ANI Sri Lanka - Guest Privileges - Stream inside Sinharaja rain forest
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ANI Sri Lanka - Whale Watching

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