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delighting explorers of all ages

“A group of a few families stayed, with different ages from five years to grandparents. On a beautiful sunny day, we found out that a few kids and their dads were playing cricket on our tennis court. With just a few hours to get things ready, our Activity Manager, Nilantha, came up with a plan for a mini cricket match, with staff versus guests. Even though the day was packed with many day-to-day duties, we all gathered on the lawn with proper sports gear. Nilantha invited the guests to be on the lawn at 3pm without telling them why. The kids and other family members were so surprised to be involved in a cricket match with our staff. The match was played for hours, and they were all so happy.”
ÀNI Sri Lanka


Multigenerational travel is booming – but at ÀNI Private Resorts, it’s what we’ve always done best. From holding impromptu sports matches, recreating treasured family memories, staging special music nights for all ages, creating adults-only zones on the beach and going the extra mile – even if it takes an entire day – to delight you, nothing is impossible at our resorts, as you’ll soon see. The perfect setting for a special reunion, milestone celebration, bucket-list holiday or simply reconnecting in a paradise setting, our four exclusive-use resorts have plenty of room for the entire family. With their interconnecting rooms, ease of accessibility, and seamless indoor-outdoor dining and entertaining areas, they’re designed to delight explorers of all ages. We accommodate groups as little as six and as large as 20 or 30 and offer complimentary childcare and activities. Be inspired by these anecdotes from the teams behind our multigenerational resorts in Sri Lanka, Thailand, Anguilla and the Dominican Republic – and start planning your family vacation now…


“We recently had a 90th birthday celebration for the main guest’s grandmother. The whole day was focused on celebrating her. For the first time in her life, she had a massage. Altagracia took great care of her due to her age and made sure it was a great experience. Additionally, we organized surprise fireworks on the rooftop after a delicious meal, followed by a DJ playing her favorite tunes. She loved dancing with her grandkids. This January, we had an adults-only group celebrating a 50th birthday. With the help of their assistant, we personalized the entire resort to showcase the best moments in the guest’s life, including framed pictures with that group of friends. We also created personalized napkins, coasters, hats and beach bags, so that they can all remember this event for the rest of their lives.”
ÀNI Anguilla

“Some parents staying with us treated their 16-year-old daughter to a sightseeing helicopter tour to the famous Sigiriya rock castle (an hour away by air) for her birthday. Our General Manager, Dinesh, planned a surprise for them. The day before, he made an eight-hour drive by taxi to reach the place, and asked the pilot to fly lower, close to a selected lake near Sigiriya. During the tour, the guests were astonished to see our General Manager on a kayak in the middle of the lake, carrying a huge ‘Happy birthday!’ banner and a big bunch of pink balloons. The guests were so happy, especially the birthday girl, who said it was an unforgettable birthday surprise.”
ÀNI Sri Lanka


A recent group included a 10-year-old, who came with a nanny to make sure he stays busy. Before the middle of the stay, his parents felt safe to send Nanny home, as the child was being amazingly taken care of by our team. He was taking kids’ cooking class with our chef and making one dessert for the entire group each day. Also, he was with our F&B team, preparing cocktails for all the family on the trip, while his parents were playing table games and talking to their adult friends. We also arranged a Spanish lesson and fishing lessons around the resort to keep him happy and busy. This was hugely appreciated as his parents could enjoy some time as adults-only.”
ÀNI Dominican Republic

“A mother who loved to stay by the pool and relax in peace was staying with us, but the kids always dragged her to the pool to play with her – and we recognized that she couldn’t enjoy what she expected. We arranged with our pool team and activity manager to entertain the kids while we set up sunbeds for her and her husband beneath the cliff on the beach, with a personal butler to serve their needs. Pool umbrellas weren’t needed, since pandanus trees share their shade on our wide, white beach overlooking the blue Indian Ocean. The parents enjoyed their unexpected, peaceful venue daily for the rest of their stay.”
ÀNI Sri Lanka


“During Thanksgiving, we hosted a multi-gen group that gets together every year around the same time. They told us about a family tradition that they used to do at the grandparents’ farm: Family Olympics. Nothing else needed to be said, as the team prepared all our outdoor games, organized the tournament, got different colored shirts and made a trophy for the winner. This family had a great time and were able to continue their tradition, while all family members participated.”
ÀNI Anguilla


“We organize community visits for grandparents to reveal local occupations. This includes rubber plantation fields, admiring the trees that provide the main source of income for local families. We also explore the story of seasonal, tropical fruits such as durian, mangoes and mangosteen, taking guests to the local market to try some. We discuss the hornbill bird and other island wildlife, showing guests the locations of the hornbill nests. We are part of a community that supports a sustainable environment for the local fauna and flora – and we share these efforts with guests.”
ÀNI Thailand

“A group spanning different ages stayed during the festive season. We organized swimming lessons for the kids as usual, and also arranged a special tennis lesson with Denny for their grandfather, who used to play but hadn’t touched a racquet in 50 years. By the end of the stay, he was putting Denny to run.”
ÀNI Anguilla

“The resort was occupied by a group with many older guests who were in their mid-70s and above. They loved enjoying the beautiful sunny, breezy weather during the day and watching their grandchildren play. Because the group was staying for a while, we decided to throw a party for them with Seventies music. Staff and the music operators dressed up in 70s-style dress. Martinis and classic cocktails were made at the bar and the pool terrace was secretly prepared. When the dinner was almost done, we turned the volume up a little bit and the guests were thrilled and touched by the music. The grandparents were so surprised and they had a great night, staying up after midnight.”
ÀNI Sri Lanka


“We took some teenagers to try their hands at roasting coffee beans at the local coffee-roaster on the island. Another time, some of our guests were interested in seeing the local Thai tattooing. We contacted the local tattoo shop and, although it was closed, they allowed us to visit for a special tour. One of our teenage guests wanted to go out for a very early morning jog. We had one of our team members follow and support the guest with refreshments and drinks, as well as ensuring this guest was safe. We took another group of guests on an exploration trip to discover clam-digging, as it was the beginning of the season. The guests appreciated learning something new about the environment and discovering how the locals interact with their natural surroundings.”
ÀNI Thailand

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