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Sri Lanka Travel Restrictions

This page will be updated as new guidelines are announced.
See also our Covid-19 page for further updates.

ÀNI Sri Lanka Welcomes You Back!

From June 1st 2021, Sri Lanka’s international airports have once again been opened to foreign travellers.

ÀNI Sri Lanka Private Resorts is the perfect location from which to enjoy the island safely with friends and family.

As a tourist entering Sri Lanka, you will be travelling within the country’s ‘Tourism Travel Bio Bubble regulations’.  The Bio Bubble protocols are designed to keep travellers safe, limiting exposure to local contamination risks. 

As a Certified Level 1 (L1) ‘Safe and Secure’ hotel under Sri Lanka’s Covid-19 protocols, ÀNI Private Resorts is specifically selected by the government for international travelers wishing to visit Sri Lanka.

With the whole resort and staff dedicated exclusively to your needs alone, ÀNI Sri Lanka, enables you to enjoy all the amenities of a luxury tropical holiday without the contamination risk of sharing spaces and facilities with other travelers. 

Whether its relaxing in the pool or on the beach, indulging in a spa treatment or sweating it out in the gym or on a court, ÀNI Private Resorts has it all on-site just for you and your loved ones.Sri Lanka Entry Restrictions During Covid-19:

Sri Lanka Covid-19 Protocols – Before you Fly:

1. Prior to arriving in Sri Lanka, all travelers vaccinated or not, must make the following arrangements before applying for visas:

a) A confirmed booking at an L1 ‘Safe and Secure’ hotel where you must remain for up to 14 days.

b) Obtain the mandatory one month’s local Covid-19 travel insurance policy costing USD$12.  

c) Purchase 2 PCR tests per traveller for arrival and exit from the country. Tests cost USD$40 each.

d) Children below 2 years are exempt from testing unless guardians develop symptoms or have a positive PCR result. Children between 2-12 require a PCR on exit only.

2. Once the above steps have been taken, travelers must obtain a valid visa before flying.  All visas must be applied for online from

a) Travelers must provide a negative PCR confirmation (in English) 72 hours before boarding the flight.

b) Any airport transfers must be arranged by a ‘Certified Safe and Secure’ L1 hotel or travel agent.

For further information on health protocols visit

Sri Lanka Covid-19 Protocols – On Arrival at the Airport

Travelers must show a negative PCR test (in English) taken up to 72 hours before flying.

A Health Declaration Form must be completed at the airport.

Sri Lanka Covid-19 Protocols – Staying at a Certified Safe & Secure L1 Hotel

A stay of up to 14 days at a ‘Safe and Secure’ L1 Hotel like ÀNI’s Private Resorts is mandatory for all travellers entering Sri Lanka. Here they will undergo their first on-arrival PCR test and with a negative result be free to enjoy all the exclusive facilities the resort has to offer

Guests can visit government approved tourist sites under the ‘Tourist Bio Bubble’ protocols and safely enjoy the country’s attractions.

With a balanced approach to safety and cleaning, including regular testing of our staff, ÀNI Sri Lanka is dedicated to ensuring that friends and family can still share special times together even when the pleasures of travel are restricted.

Leave the lockdowns behind and enjoy a ‘Safecation’ with us.