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Inside ANI Private Resort Sri Lanka: A Secluded Jewel

Source: Elite Traveler, December 29th 2021

Join Jo Knowsley of Elite Traveler as she describes her experiences visiting ÀNI Sri Lanka. 

Perched alongside the Indian Ocean on Sri Lanka’s secluded southern coast, the resort is a paradisaical oasis.

I had seen the glossy photographs, read about the secluded beachside location and learned that in this bespoke private resort there were two staff to wait on guests in each of the 15 seductive suites. But after a three-hour transit from Colombo airport – wending our way through tiny leafy lanes and villages alive with small children and friendly dogs ­– it was still a delicious surprise to enter through an unprepossessing wooden gate and arrive at the exclusive ANI Private Resort Sri Lanka.

Perched alongside the Indian Ocean in the region of Dickwella, on Sri Lanka’s secluded southern coast, the resort is a mirage of minimalist pavilions, glass-clad, Burma teak, vaulted ceilings and terrazzo tile work. Created by Parisian architects and designers AW², the quirky planning rule is that resorts should not be built any taller than a coconut tree.

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