Finding the perfect place that checks all boxes for every family member can be tricky.  Some want calm and privacy, others want a host of activities and kids clubs, while others just want to be with their family whenever they chose – without set schedules nor strangers to disturb or be disturbed by. A Private Resort is all that and more! At ÀNI “it’s all yours”.

Grandparents, parents, and kids can vacation together effortlessly at ÀNI. Our Private Resorts were designed specifically for large extended families and multiple families joining together for remarkable escapes.

Shared Spaces

With numerous settings for group dining, huge pool decks, and a variety of living and gathering spaces, each resort is perfect for “togethering”. Games tables, sports courts, waterslides and water toys offer many options for action and adventure for all ages.

Kids Club

At ÀNI the whole resort is in an essence a “kids club” with games, toys, huge waterslides, tennis courts, mountain bikes, paddle boards on hand. Staff members can coordinate a variety of activities including treasure hunts, arts and crafts, cooking classes, sports instruction and more.  Loads to keep the kids busy while parents relax and enjoy slow cold margaritas by the pool. 

Private Spaces

It’s great to be with your family, but sometimes it’s nice to be on your own with or with your partner for some quiet time.  We created cozy spots for break out meals, private balconies, and areas for individuals and couples to step away for some privacy.

We customize the facilities, meals, activities and entertainment for all ages with options, day and night, for large gatherings and shared experiences along with spaces and activities for individuals to get time, adventure and/or relaxation on their own.

Luxury All-Inclusive

Once you arrive at ÀNI, it’s all about quality time with your family. Luxury All-Inclusive at ÀNI does mean Luxury:

• Gourmet meals prepared by our Executive Chef with your family’s dietary restrictions and food preferences in mind
• Unique mixologist creations and all-day snacks
• Massages and spa treatments at our private spa
• Cooking classes, Tennis Lessons, Personal Training by our in-house professionals
• Kid’s activities, babysitting hours, your laundry and more

No worrying about counting drinks or your group racking up large incidentals at ÀNI as pretty much everything our team delivers is included in the rates. 

ANI Dinner with kid having fun


Amazing selection of experiences, and entertainment, that can be organized day and night – for your group alone. Local cultural experiences like cigar rolling in Dominican Republic, Muay Thai kickboxing classes in Thailand, steel drum circles in Anguilla, or a fire dance show in Sri Lanka to name but a few.


Design your ideal vacation for everyone. ÀNI adapts the resort, service and experience to your desires. Prior to arrival, we work with you to build custom itineraries for your stay with menus, activities, and excursions further shaped & refined while you are with us in residence.

ÀNI Multi-Gen Trips: The Ultimate Way to Travel with Family

ÀNI takes multi-generational travel to new heights, offering once-in-a-lifetime experiences none will soon forget. Much more than a family-friendly private resort, ÀNI promises a distinctive blend of extravagance, creature comforts, and undisturbed bliss. Spacious accommodations and lushly-manicured grounds provide wonderful places for family members to reconnect.

Spend quality time with siblings, cousins, and grandparents in a spectacular setting where cultural journeys and adventure await. ÀNI Private Resorts offers an array of possibilities for family members of all ages, abilities, and interests. Whether biking on backcountry trails, splashing in pristine ocean waters, learning about nature, or enjoying a communal family meal, the time spent together at any of our resorts will inspire closer bonds for years to come.

Private Luxury Villa for Families

The beauty of ÀNI for multi-family travel is that no one has to compromise. At our luxury villa resorts for families, we provide the ease and convenience of a home-away-from-home where togetherness and privacy go hand-in-hand. Anyone who needs a little downtime is sure to find their favorite serene spot to quietly unwind and be still. Kids can safely roam the grounds together, and adult children can enjoy hours of joyous reflection with aging parents.

Discovery never gets old, and nothing resonates across the generations quite like experiencing something new. Whether it’s a new language, a new flavor, a new body of water, a new artistic expression, or a new baby in the family- shared, first-time experiences bond families like nothing else.

Reconnect and Bond at ÀNI

Imagine bringing three generations together in an extravagant, distraction-free setting where every guest’s need and desire is anticipated. ÀNI Private Resorts are fully accessible, with roll-in showers, ramps, pool lifts, and other features to accommodate those in your party with limited mobility.

Celebrate family roots, forge strong relationships, and create new traditions in the natural beauty of Anguilla, the Dominican Republic, Sri Lanka, and Thailand. ÀNI Multi-Gen trips are indeed the ultimate way to travel with family.

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