Adult Group Getaways


Come escape to party and hang at ÀNI – our resorts are perfect for groups of friends and couples getting away for a milestone celebration, a bachelorette getaway with your besties, or just time away to let loose with your closest friends. ÀNI is the perfect setting for customized experiences to fit your style, whatever the combination of relaxation, activities, and party.

You decide the vibe, you set the volume.
No curfews, no need to worry about dirty looks from the table next to you – at ÀNI it’s all yours.


Once you arrive at ÁNI, it’s all about the experience – about being with your friends. Luxury All-Inclusive means not worrying about counting drinks or large incidentals.

At ÀNI, all inclusive is Luxury All-Inclusive. Gourmet meals and menus prepared with your groups specific tastes and needs in mind (no worries about any dietary restrictions, allergies or unique food preferences). Mixologists inspired drinks, all-day snacks, massages and spa treatments at our private spa are but a few of the complimentary offerings.


For groups of singles or couples, we are happy to set up individual billing as may be needed – simplifying whatever your cost sharing plan may be.

Rock Climbing Tonsi Thailand


If you want non-stop activities, games and excursions our team can fill the days with fun and adventure. If you prefer total relaxation, spend lazy afternoons at the pool getting served fresh snacks and bespoke cocktails, and then take a break with a visit to the spa for a pampering massage.

ANI Dominican Republic Maracas


The whole place is yours so crank it up for a party mid-day or late night. We’ll supply the DJ, Band, Fire Dancers or Fireworks and keep the drinks flowing. Or how about a casino night with games tables and dealers. You decide the vibe, you set the volume, we’re here to make it happen.

ANI Dominican Republic Larimar Indoor Dining


With numerous settings for group dining, huge pool decks, and a variety of living and gathering spaces, each private resort is perfect for “togethering”. Games tables, waterslides, and water toys offer many options for action and adventure.

ANI Private Spaces Couple Dining


It’s great to be with your friends, but sometimes it’s also good to be on your own or with your partner for some quiet time. We created numerous areas for smaller break out meals and spaces for individuals and couples to step away from the rest of the group.