Gourmet Kosher Dining with No Compromise

As ÀNI Private Resorts are offered exclusive to one group at a time, we can offer our resorts with a full Kosher program anytime of year, including for Passover. Our Kosher package includes:

  • A Certified Mashgiach arriving days in advance to kosher our kitchens, dining ware, cookware, and equipment 
  • A full selection of service items, equipment at each resort on hand that cannot be koshered, that are unpacked/sealed by our Mashgiach on arrival/departure. 
  • Sourcing from overseas all certified kosher meats, dairy, wine and packaged goods not otherwise available from our local suppliers. 
  • Menus are customized for each group in residence – including for Passover.  We learn the specific requirements for each group (i.e Cholov Isroel, Beit Yosef, Gebrokts) and design meals/menus accordingly

Food is a huge part of the experience for all ÀNI guests.  Each of our chefs deliver a best of selection of local dishes together with an international mix of fusion and Asian cuisines.  For our Kosher guests, our Mashgiachs are also cooks and work together with and supervise our own executive chefs to include, if desired, traditional dishes such as a Cholent for Shabbat.  

A Sampling of a Few Menus

Anguilla, DR, Thailand, Passover [should have pdf links]

What we are perhaps most proud of with our Kosher program is that our observant guests need not make any compromise on their food experience –  neither on the service experience (no paper/plastic) or the menu variety. Our Kosher guests enjoy the same international/fusion variety we offer all ÀNI guests.  Our chefs have gotten super creative in transforming their best dishes, when necessary, for our kosher clientele  – including for Passover.

In short, our Private Resort concept is perfect for observant families traveling with a group seeking a more private luxury experience – away from the crowds of a resort – without any compromise on a first class kosher food program.

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