The ÀNI Private Resort “it’s all yours” mantra means that you have the place to yourself, but it’s really much more than that. With only one group to which to cater to in residence, our teams can create complete experiences specifically designed with you and your guests in mind. This means personalized itineraries with as much pampering and adventure as you desire.

Of course, for special occasions and celebrations, this means including event-like planning day and night with endless options for fun and entertainment. We consider every stay at an ÀNI resort to be a celebration – treasured time away with those most important to you. We work to make each day special with custom gourmet menus, meals in unique locations on and off property, and optional activities day and night to experience individually or with your group as a whole.

We find it best to keep the focus on the amazing variety of inclusive activities our team can deliver on-property, with a curated selection of “best of” off-site excursions at each destination. We like to keep most daytime activities and excursions optional so everyone can shape their own time away.

Massages at ANI

Kayaking and Paddle Boarding at ANI


Play in warm turquoise waters, learn how to craft the perfect mojito, and enjoy pure family fun. Daily itineraries can be as active or relaxing as you please with these resort activities – all included in your stay.

– Spa Treatments
– Cooking Classes
– Mixology Classes
– Movie Night
– Kids Activities

– Water Sports
– Tennis Lessons
– Mountain Biking
– Games Night
– Table Games

ANI Kickboxing Class
Rock Climbing at ANI


Create your dream itinerary based on interests, energy level, and pace. Choose from a wide array of exciting excursions and outdoor activities that can be booked a la carte.

– Yoga and Kickboxing
– Sailing, Surfing & Kitesurfing
– Scuba Diving
– Zip Lining
– Horseback Riding
– ATV/Buggy Riding

– Cultural Sightseeing Trips
– Whale Watching
– Deep Sea Fishing
– Boating Trips
– Game Reserves
– Elephant Sanctuary

ANI Fire Dancers
ANI Local Live Music


ÀNI Private Resorts are your gateway to unique cultural experiences and vibrant entertainment. There is something for everyone, from salsa dancing lessons to fireworks displays and live musical performances. Just let our staff know what piques your fancy, and we’ll take it from there.

– Fire Dancers
– Fireworks
– Salsa Dancing Lessons
– Food Truck Experience

– Live Music
– DJ’s
– Cultural Performances
– Drum Circles


We understand that each of our guests wants something unique from their stay with us, which means completely personalized itineraries that speak to your preferences, activity level, and travel style. We have options for those who want to unwind and de-stress, adrenaline-pumping water sports, excursions to intriguing natural wonders, and everything in between.

Prior to your arrival, our team works to collect as much intel as possible on special celebrations and general hopes for your stay along with the hobbies and interests of each member of your group. 

While the options are plentiful, we try not to overschedule your stay with too many “required” activities and tours for your group as a whole – especially off-property excursions.  The magic of ÀNI is how effortless it can be for spending true quality time with loved ones at our Private Resorts. 

Our luxury custom itineraries open doors to unique destinations, amazing new cultures, and shared memories that will last a lifetime.