Your Own Private Executive Chef

Food is a huge part of the “wow” experience at ÀNI Private Resorts. With a single group in residence, you’ll have the full attention of each property’s Executive Chef and his team  – not only for delivering mouth-watering menus customized to meet your specific tastes, but also for cooking classes where both adults and kids alike can learn local recipes and study techniques and the ingredients for world-class international cuisine.

Luxury All-Inclusive

ÀNI offers a true fine dining experience with each meal an experience above a traditional luxury resort – and all part of our Luxury All-Inclusive package*.


Let ÀNI’s four Executive Chefs work their magic to create a customized fine dining culinary experience for you and your guests.

Chef Sweets

Chef Sweets – ÀNI ANGUILLA

A Caribbean treasure, Chef Sweets has trained in London and New York at a selection of Michelin starred restaurants. Our guests love both his wide range of modern international cuisine along with some amazingly fresh West-Indies Caribbean seafood and BBQ. A masterclass in taste, food pairing plating and creativity – Chef Sweets is the best of the Caribbean – Fresh, Original and Unforgettable.

Chef Yao


With us from opening, Chef Yao previously cooked at the Amanpuri & was the private chef for one of the Thai Royal princesses. Needless to say that if you love Thai food, you’ll be mad about Chef Yao. His international training shines through as well with a broad selection of Chinese, Japanese, Indian and Western fare. Make sure to have Chef Yao show you his fruit carving talents for which he is a master.

Chef Cyril

Chef Cyril – ÀNI SRI LANKA

Having trained at numerous 5-star resorts across the Maldives, as well as at the Amanwella resort in Sri Lanka, we’ve been lucky to have Chef Cyril with us since opening. Although quite soft spoken, his culinary skills speak loudly.  He is consistently being asked for the recipes for his classic Sri Lanka and Indian Curries as well as his exquisite range of European Cuisine.

Chef Juan


After searching wide for our Executive Chef across the Dominican Republic we were fortunate to find Chef Juan, a local to our home town, working at a 5-star resort 5 hours away. Classically trained in international cuisine, Chef Juan truly shines with Mexican, Asian, and Indian inspired menus. The baking classes he does with his pastry Chef are always a big hit with the kids.

The Gourmet Experience at ÀNI Private Resorts

– Allergies, dietary restrictions, and general food preferences for each guest are considered for each and every meal. Our Chefs have vegan, low-carb, gluten-free, and kosher/halal variations for all their best dishes.  They are adept at creating variations on the same menu, so everyone can dine with their own preferences – as behaved or decadent as they’d like.

– Cross training between our resorts as well as training for our executive chefs at world-class restaurants means a wide range of cuisines, techniques and tastes to discover.

– Specialized cooking classes and competitions (think “Chopped”) for both adults and kids.

– A team of sous Chefs, pastry Chefs, and/or other kitchen staff supports our executive Chef for full board gourmet dining – offering delights and surprises with every meal.

*All resorts are full-board except Anguilla where we offer full breakfast plus snacks and then lunch or dinner each day. As Anguilla is such a foodie island, we plan itineraries that include a sampling of some “best of” restaurants for lunches and dinners. For a modest upcharge, guests can opt for full-board for any days they wish – offered flexibly each day.