While it sounds cliché, to say “our guests come as clients and leave as family”, at ÀNI it is no exaggeration – a feeling shared universally among all visitors to any ÀNI Private Resort. While you will read more below on the breadth and skills of the teams on hand at each resort, it is the warmth and care they provide to our guests and their families that sets the ÀNI experience apart.  It’s rare that we don’t get at least a few tears from our guests and staff at departure.

Catering to only one group at a time means our entire team gets to know each of your family members individually – and how best to ensure everyone gets the relaxation, pampering, action and adventure that they’d like. You’ll be pleasantly surprised when someone knows exactly how you like your Margarita or which of your kids needs encouragement to venture down our waterslides. Our staff are adept at sharing this information amongst the team to get you a seamless experience no matter who may be taking care of you at any given moment.

ÀNI defines a Private Resort as combining the privacy of a villa, rented to one group at a time, with the staff, service and amenities of 5-star resort. Unlike most private villas, our full resort teams are employed full time, all year and include:

– General Manager
– Executive Chef, Sous Chef and in some cases Pastry Chefs
– Guest Service, Admin and Logistics Personnel
– Spa/Massage Therapists
– Tennis Pros/Personal Trainers
– Child’s and Adult Activity Coordinator
– Housekeepers
– Butlers and Mixologists
– Security

Our management leaders, and a number of our key personnel at each resort, were trained at world class resorts, which shows in the attention to detail you’ll find.

The service experience starts well before arrival, when our General Manager and their guest service team will begin compiling your guest list along with everyone’s food preferences and dietary restrictions, sports and adventure interests, any special celebrations, as well general hopes for the stay.

Each visiting group for us is like an event, and our guest service team create custom itineraries with as much action and entertainment (day or night) or relaxation as you’d like.  Our Executive Chefs are experts at creating dining experiences that meet everyone’s palette.

While you are with us in residence the team refines your plans and menus to find your perfect mix. 

Please contact us for more information and questions you may have about our staff and service


Refined hospitality and flawless service await guests of ÀNI Private Resorts, where warm, authentic care is our highest priority. Enjoy the personalized attention and decadent luxury of a full-service villa and in-house staff who are solely dedicated to your group. From management leaders to spa therapists, every one of our highly trained resort personnel put the concept of 5-star, bespoke service into practice each day.

Discover an attention to detail that is inspiring yet unpretentious. You are warmly greeted, taken care of, and engaged at every turn. ÀNI resort teams are top-level talent; a number of our key personnel were trained by professionals from world-class resorts and Michelin star restaurants.


Exceeding your expectations is what we do best. The ÀNI experience starts well before arrival. Our guest service team curates a journey designed to anticipate and fulfill guests’ needs and desires. Every detail is noted by our concierge, from food preferences/restrictions and menu planning to activity interests and general hopes for the stay.

We believe that impeccable guest service engenders an elevated experience. No request is too much to ask, and every facet of your stay is thoughtfully tailored.

The caliber of our luxury services will awaken your senses. Every group in residence is a special event for our staff. Our Executive Chefs are renowned for creating gourmet dining experiences, private butlers are on hand to attend to guests’ every whim, and custom itineraries are crafted to facilitate adventure, wellness, relaxation, and togetherness.

To learn more about the staff and service of ÀNI , please contact us.