ÀNI Private Resorts are your gateway to a new level of all-inclusive luxury: where personalized cooking classes, cultural adventures, and indulgent spa treatments are included with to your stay. A professional team, from executive chefs to tennis pros, is solely dedicated for your group to make the most of your stay. Our fully-accessible resorts are thoughtfully designed for absolute comfort. Curated children’s activities guarantee fun for all ages, and complimentary childcare is an added highlight. From Hallal and kosher dining to private jet service, ÀNI offers an unparalleled experience that is tailored to your group. 


Full-time executive and sous chefs create decadent menus to please our guests. Explore exotic flavors or delve into your favorite comfort foods — a wide range of exceptional cuisine is on offer.


Each resort features a professionally-trained staff that is there to serve your group alone. Everyone from the concierge to spa therapists and activity coordinators love to connect with our guests.


Relax in paradise! Everything you need for an exceptional getaway is included in the rates: cocktails, spa treatments, kid’s club, gourmet meals, laundry, Netflix, and all on-site activities.


Treasure hunts, cooking classes, zippy waterslides, and tons of organized children’s activities promise hours of entertainment. Need some alone time? We offer babysitting and child care services. 

Accessible Luxury Vacations at ÁNI Private Resorts


Subtle yet functional elements including generous door openings, roll-in showers, accessible light switches, pool lifts, lipless entrances and elevators ensure our properties are wheelchair accessible.


Design a personalized resort experience that speaks to your interests and travel style. Choose from a wide range of excursions, activities, and entertainment options. We can make it happen!


Discover the fascinating culture of our private resort destinations. Extraordinary experiences await, from visiting Phuket’s Elephant Sanctuary or learning how to play steel drums in Anguilla.


Our four private resorts cater to the specific needs of our clients. Dedicated staff can provide a full kosher dining experience any time of the year, and accommodate Passover stays.


Private jet travel epitomizes freedom, luxury, and consummate comfort. Dictate your own schedule with our optional private jet connections that are fully serviced and staffed from start to finish.


Funded exclusively by the ownership of ÀNI Private Resorts – a collection of schools offering intensive drawing and painting apprenticeships is offered tuition free to each of our communities. Your stay contributes the development of our students amazing skills and talents. We encourage guests to further support the apprentices with a visit to meet the them for the commissioning of a portrait, the purchase of their work or signing up for a painting class of your own. 100% of the proceeds from any of these activities goes directly to the students.

Appreciate the details of every moment during your stay at ÀNI, where our resort staff cater to your group alone. Enjoy a seamless vacation experience replete with exquisite meals, spa services and amazing adventure opportunities. This is private, all-inclusive luxury at its finest.