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Luxury Family Reunion Destinations

There is nothing quite like a multi-generational family gathering. Getting grandparents, siblings, children, and distant relatives together for quality time together is an event to be savored for decades to come. When it comes to keeping everyone comfortable, entertained, and happy, it’s important to choose the right destination for your extended clan. Luxury Family Reunion […]

Covid-19 Private Resorts

As Restrictions Loosen, Families Travel Far and Spend Big

SOURCE: New York Times – May 19, 2021By Debra Kamin Newly vaccinated families are opting for private jets, luxury resorts and guided tours in elaborate new twists on the old-fashioned family reunion. Jeff Belcher, 41, wouldn’t necessarily have chosen Williamsburg, Va., as the destination for his family’s first vacation since travel restrictions began to ease. But […]