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Your Wish Travel Co: What’s Hot For Festive 2020


Carissa Gulyas, founder of Your Wish Travel Co, a partner of Largay Travel, specializes in yacht charters and group travel. Here, she shares what to expect for festive season this year.

As travel begins to slowly pick up again for many of us advisors, I’m finding that more than ever people are still wanting and starting to plan their holidays away. For the last couple of months, it seems that many of my colleagues and clients are taking more domestic trips this summer, staying closer to home with road trips down the Southeast, island getaways to Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket, RV trips out West to our national parks, as well as to luxury ranches throughout the Midwest.

While so many are still not comfortable flying, (which is OK; it’s different for everyone), many of those say they will be ready this fall and winter. Travelers planning ahead gives them more time to see how things continue to go with the virus, while still allowing them to set up the dates they want and take advantage of promotions and flexible cancellation policies—and this goes well into travel for 2021. In particular, I’m seeing two different types of vacations that seem very popular for festive this year: The Caribbean and yacht charters.