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Family Fun Getaways: Luxury Spring Break for Families

Spring Break Family Fun in 4 Luxury Destinations

Spring Break is the perfect time for families to come together. But it can be stressful trying to make sure that everyone has a good time.

ANI Private Resorts can provide luxury Spring Break experiences that exclusively cater for a whole family or a multi-family group, for one all-inclusive price.

Located in tropical Anguilla, Dominican Republic, Sri Lanka and Thailand all our wheelchair accessible resorts are made up of individual suites and master bedrooms, nestled between communal areas for the exclusive use of your guests alone. 

The Luxury Spring Break Resort with Bespoke Kids Clubs Activities

For a family Spring Break, our Children’s Activity Coordinator and dedicated staff provide a range of games, activities and sports that take full advantage of ANI’s facilities and tropical locations, allowing kids to explore, relax and have fun.  

We understand that each child is a unique individual, so we have something for all activity levels, abilities, and personalities.  

With Arts & Crafts, Karaoke and Baking lessons for the more creative kids, to Biking, Snorkelling and other sports activities for the more active, as well as Treasure Hunts, games and local excursions, there are ample opportunities for kids and parents to create cherished memories together. 

And for the kids who need nothing more than a pool in the sunshine, each villa location has its own water-slide for hours of endless fun.  130

Click here for more details on ANI’s Kid’s club activities at each location.

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The Luxury Family Private Resort for All Your Family’s Needs

Standard luxury 5-star resort services are not designed to fit every family’s Spring Break requirements.  That is why our dedicated staff are on hand to cater entirely to your family’s particular needs alone. 

Don’t worry if you have fussy eaters in your brood. Our executive Gourmet Chefs cater for children’s preferences and are expert in creating specific menus for health, or religious requirements, as well as creating exciting selections for special occasions. 

We also understand that Family Spring Break can be a joyful but exhausting time for parents!  Babysitting services are available for a few hours each day to give parents a well-earned break to indulge in some luxury experiences for themselves. 

Multi-generational groups can enjoy a variety of shared spaces from bars, cafes and dining pavilions to pool decks, games rooms and sports courts. 

For those who prefer to relax and unwind alone, our expert massage therapists are on hand to help with a range of treatments.

Our personal trainers and coaches are available for those who prefer a more active Spring Break. 

And for adult members who are used to taking care of others, why not let your very own Private Butler Service wait on you for a change, bringing you gourmet snacks and freshening your glass, with free-flowing drinks from the bar, as you relax by the pool or on the beach.  

With all these services included in one all-inclusive price, there’s no need to worry about keeping track of bar bills or other incidentals.  

So, whether its enjoying activities with the kids, retreating to the spa or the pool, or playing sports together, create your own bespoke luxury Family Spring Break by booking an ANI Private Resort villa.  282

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