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Coronavirus testing and sanitized snorkels: How all-inclusive resorts are adapting to the pandemic

Source: Washington Post – November 5, 2020

By Natalie B. ComptonNovember 5

Between high-octane election anxiety and covid-19 fears, for Americans who are comfortable traveling, all-inclusive resorts may be more appealing than ever. Aside from the well-documented risks of traveling during the coronavirus pandemic, it’s a vacation traditionally designed for less stress; just show up and unwind.

ÀNI Private Resorts are beachfront or cliff-side properties in Anguilla, Dominican Republic, Sri Lanka and Thailand that are rented out to one group at a time.

“We’ve been operating with this concept from day one, and with the pandemic and covid, all of a sudden we’re feeling super well positioned,” says ÀNI chief executive Ira Bloom. “People are just much more interested in having places to themselves.”

The appeal of getting away without being near strangers is showing itself in ÀNI’s Caribbean bookings, where nightly rates this winter begin at $6,550.

“The calendar just keeps getting filled up with groups, that I guess have been super eager to get out in a way,” Bloom says.

Each ÀNI guest in the group must show proof of a negative coronavirus test before arrival at the property. The resort staff are also tested before arrival to the property, where they then live for the duration of a group’s visit.