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Birthdays at ÀNI

Vaccinated & ready to round up your crew to celebrate that big milestone birthday?!

So it’s been over a year since you’ve been able to gather with your friends and you’re hitting  the big 3 – 0 (or 4-0, or 5-0) this year – or you didn’t get to celebrate last year. You are all now vaccinated and looking for that perfect spot to re-connect, relax and party?

ÀNI Private resorts were designed, built and staffed specifically for groups of friends and families traveling for these types of gatherings.    All the services and facilities of a 5-star resort all to yourselves.    A full team dedicated to planning your celebration – putting together a range of activities and entertainment day and night.

Check out Aaron Paul’s 40th Birthday at ÀNI DR for a taste of that can be created for you group

But while everyone can keep as busy and active as they like at ÀNI, it’s really about the quality time afforded when you have a resort to yourselves. No worrying about what time to meet and where – as you are all together already. Let the team pamper you with indulgent (and complimentary) massage treatments, endless cocktails and gourmet meals while you catch on the lost time from this past year.

Having a resort to yourselves not only means being able to turn up the volume and get loud, but also means traveling safely. ÀNI Private Resorts follows all locally required protocols, but with a requirement for either pre-testing or proof of vaccination you can feel good about letting your hair (and mask) down with those you love. ÀNI has no masking or distancing for our guests while on property.    

While all 4 of our resorts have been open and operating throughout the pandemic, as of July 1st, all 4 our destinations are slated to open without any quarantines so long as required vaccinations or testing is in place.   

Contact us now to plan and book to your own remarkable milestone celebration.