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August 2021 (The Valley, Anguilla) – As part of their continued commitment to education, ÀNI Private Resorts (ÀNI) has announced new initiatives delivering $500,000 in school facilities and computers to each of their local communities in Anguilla, The Dominican Republic, Sri Lanka, and Thailand. Funded completely by ÀNI Private Resorts and the Tim Reynolds Foundation, these four local projects include new computer labs to help expand Computer Science education, as well as other educational facility improvements including upgrading libraries, and classrooms.

These initiatives are in addition to the already built and operating ÀNI Art Academies, which offer an intensive multi-year drawing and painting program, completely tuition-free, in each of ÀNI’s four communities, as well as two schools in Pennsylvania and New Jersey in the United States. In combination with the education program, the academies help the students market and sell their works through exhibitions, and online through ÀNI Private Resort’s website: ÀNI Art Gallery. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of all artworks go directly to the artists.

“The selection and quality of artwork from the students at all six of ÀNI Art Academies is quite remarkable. We will continue to graduate great artists through the Academies for decades and are excited by the new facilities being built to expand our educational initiatives within local communities”, noted Tim Reynolds, Founder of ÀNI Private Resorts and the ÀNI Art Academies.

“We built ÀNI Private Resorts and ÀNI Art Academies in exotic, naturally beautiful and unspoiled destinations, where locals warmly welcome travelers. While relative isolation has preserved these charming cultures, that same isolation hinders economic opportunity and local schools remain underfunded. ÀNI is committed to elevating the communities we share with locals and by delivering computers and developing computer science facilities, students will have the ability to learn and make a good living without having to leave their communities.”

Construction begins in 2021, with the building of a computer lab in Anguilla and similar projects in Sri Lanka. ÀNI is also designing and building a new elementary school in the town of Rio San Juan, where the ÀNI Dominican Republic Private Resort and ÀNI Art Academy are currently operating. ÀNI is also working with Thai educators to determine the best use of ÀNI’s $500,000 contribution. With proven expertise in remote building and education, ÀNI is committed to providing their local community schools with finished buildings, infrastructure, and computers for many years to come.

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About ÀNI Art Academies
ÀNI Art Academies is a non-profit organization that provides an intensive multi-year art skills education to aspiring artists around the world. Utilizing the highly successful training system developed by artist Anthony J. Waichulis, the ÀNI Art Academies Program is designed to promote creative freedom through logic and discipline. A collaborative project conceived and founded by Tim Reynolds, ÀNI Art Academies empowers students to create, express, and communicate in new and exciting ways. In the beginning, their limits are constrained by lack of skills – in the end, they are only bound by their limitless imagination.

About ÀNI Private Resorts
ÀNI Private Resorts operates properties in Anguilla (10 suites), Dominican Republic (14 suites), Sri Lanka (15 suites) and Thailand (10 suites). Each was designed, built, and staffed specifically to host friends and families traveling for memory making escapes, milestone celebrations and multi-generational retreats. Each visiting group has the staff, services, and facilities of a 5-star resort all to themselves. With rates generously inclusive of all services and amenities delivered at the resorts, guests can focus on enjoying true quality time with loved ones; gourmet menus, beverages/spirits, massages and spa treatments, cooking classes, kids and sports activities are but a few of the included services. At ÀNI Private Resorts “It’s All Yours.”