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An Artistic Adventure with ÀNI

Source: World Resorts of Distinction

ÀNI Art Academies is a global, not-for-profit organisation that delivers a comprehensive art education to aspiring artists around the world – especially those in underprivileged circumstances.

The concept is a collaborative project conceived by ÁNI Private Resorts founder, Tim Reynolds, and its aim is to empower local artists to create, express, and communicate in new and exciting ways.

The organisation is home to a handful of art academies that are strategically located in exotic tourist destinations; enabling students to interact with tourists and residents in an intellectually and financially-rewarding capacity.

The multi-year curriculum, which focuses on drawing and painting, was developed by renowned Master Artist, Anthony J. Waichulis. Over fifteen years, he has dedicated his time and passion to carefully designing a world-class program for ÁNI Art Academies that promises to transform any dedicated student into a highly-skilled artist.

The teaching dynamic at each ÁNI academy is modelled on the ‘atelier’ system, which traditionally comprises a small number of apprentices studying directly under a master artist. Classes are organised to maximize individual apprentices’ attention and provide invaluable experience working alongside an accomplished professional artist.

The academies’ curriculum concentrates on the essential fundamentals of draftsmanship, properties of light, elements of perception, and various methods of painting without subscribing to any particular aesthetic.